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The hs4 model takes in to account the physics of planet earth, its surface topography like the continents, land masses, water. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1963 and once i discovered hs4 i thought i had died and gone to ham heaven. Build your own virtual ham radio hamsphere hamsphere 4. Help our ai algorithm improve video recommendations for you. It was designed by kelly lindman, a radio amateur with call sign 5b4ait. Waterfall is a must have this little tool has enabled me to see weak stations and have 33 qsos that i whould have missed with the stand.

I added 2 new signal meters as well as a light up call sign board, meaning every time i transmit, my call sign will turn bright red. It is a communication system simulating shortwave propagations over a virtual ionosphere much like cq100. In order to be able to download and use the program, you will need to register on the site. Choosing a backup generator plus 3 legal house connection options transfer switch and more duration. I dont favour any particular frequency, although 40m 7050 and 7080 do seem to be quite popular.

For 32bit windows 7, vista, 8 or later, open the c. They may travel through several hops covering thousands of kilometers across continents and oceans to reach a distant hf ham radio operator at the receiving end. Hamsphere is a virtual shortwave tranceiver client that works in windows, linux or mac or any other java driven system. Hamsphere is a way of giving people a fair shake, a bit of the taste, the thrill one would actually get when heshe gets to make his first contact, specially for cw, a category that ive seen many people over arrl trying to shun, avoiding the exams, for all they can do is to buy expensive gismos so they can take instagram pictures and take. About hamsphere the resource is currently listed in in a single category. I found more functions for plugins where those functions not. This is the android version of the popular pc application hamsphere. It was designed by kelly lindman, a radio amateur with call sign 5b4ait the system allows realistic worldwide connections. It has been conceived and created totally new from the ground up. We help citizens and communities tell new hampshire s stories. Click on compressed file david hamilton 4500 photos. When i am on hamsphere 3, i normally operate on the 30m band between 10. Secrets to sounding great on hamsphere kb4ts hamsphere. It features 11 virtual ham bands with realistic shortwave.

Talk with thousands of ham radio operators around the world. When using this program you will be able to communicate with. Most arent even aware they sound bad on the system. Hamsphere is a virtual ham radio transceiver for windows, mac, linux, android and. Based in germany covered all parts of the world working along side the forces. Granny has an orgasm by rubbing her mature pussy all over his face. I proved that it was possible to make an ionosphere digitally using digital oscillators, modulators, mixers without using a simple mirrorcast solution with voip. With hs3 and hs4 running side by side, the hamsphere community will have the best of both worlds. The production of a good introduction to the field of bioinformatics has been a very difficult task because of the duality of the target audience.

Hamsphere is a virtual ham radio transceiver that works on any javadriven system. Features of the ham radio software tranceiver the ham radio software transmitter virtual output is adjustable between 10 watts and 2. The main category is echolink, irlp and other voip programs that is about internet linking software for ham radio operators, echolink, irlp, ilink. It will keep track of duplicates, multipliers and qso numbering. In this picture i will show you my newest plugins for hamsphere 4. Finding a suitable ham to assess my test is proving difficult, but im hoping to sit for it very soon.

Niven collection of early jazz legends, 19211991 uploaded by jason scott on may 30, 20 similar items based on metadata. There are many more plugins available in the hamsphere 4 shop, so feel free to check it out. Talk with thousands of ham radio operators around the. The system allows realistic worldwide connections between amateur radio operators as. Bathrooms album on archilovers the professional network. Thanks for all feedback on hamsphere, both good and bad. Anyone wishing to go on a dxpedition there is a pdf form to be filled out. Producing a primer that is suitable for both has been a target of numerous authors in the past few years. Hamsphere java based ham radio software virtual transceiver. Hamsphere is a world wide virtual amateur radio network with operators from over 200 countries. Be very precise as the frequency setting is critical and must be 1. In the meantime, im very fond of hamsphere 3 and 4 when propagation permits of course, and i recently had my first cw experience on hs3. Afghanistan, iraq,sierra leone, kosovo,bosnia siberia, saudi arabia,oman, alaska. Hs4 provides the experience of a realistic hf radio communication environment.

You can join a contest at any point and turn your log book into a smart contest assistant. The transceiver comes with 11 virtual ham radio bands and includes a dx cluster, lcd readout, smeter, vfo and ptt. Hamsphere provides an official contest calendar where our official public contests are listed. For windows and mac only this is the plugin version of the hamsphere qsl editor. The club has worked very closely with hamsphere over the years and we have.

This video will give you a idea how it is to use a ham radio on your pc, and with hamsphere 3, many could do, what they did in the. The simulator allows licensed radio amateurs and unlicensed enthusiasts to communicate with one another using a simulated ionosphere. The system is based on sdr software defined radio technology such as digital local oscillators, filters, balanced. Worked for british forces broadcasting service for nearly 30 years. A couple of noobie questions 1 reply general discussions new net if interest new nets. Either i must be sleepwalking, sleepdrinking and sleepcomputing at the same time or, way more likely, some joker registered there using my callsign.

Plugged it into my raspberry pi 4 b with 4gb ram and it booted right up. Build your own transceiver using a draganddrop system. Download hamsphere and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. They include spectrum analyzers, satellite tracking programs, morse code trainers, dx atlases, cat, multimode decoders, and other logging programs. Publication date 20070428 usage attributionnoncommercial 3. Hamsphere is a virtual ham radio transceiver for windows, mac and linux as well as android and ios phones and tablets. Hamsphere is a voip program where licensed and non licensed users can communicate with each other all over the world. For all linux versions, make sure you install the true type fonts in linux. Its not easy to hear yourself and few operators are willing to give someone an honest report on their audio quality for fear it would be offensive to do so.

Hamsphere can be used by licensed amateur radio operators and unlicensed radio enthusiasts. Adjust the hamsphere transceivers big knob so the frequency readout shows 1. It is a communication system simulating shortwave propagations over a virtual ionosphere. There will be some information given on the hamsphere 4 and lndx facebook pages. This link is listed in our web site directory since monday jan 31 2011, and till today hamsphere has been followed for a total of 1054 times. Those who wish to wet their feet and learn the basics could. Extrasphere extrasphere is a set of tools for managing vm data in vsphere environments, including vm migration, hot mirroring and encryption scenarios.

Download this 7 day trial app and start talking to ham radio operators and radio enthusiasts from all over the world. In the past i got qsl cards claiming that i used some digital mode on hf which i never did, now it seems that im a user on hamsphere. Is there anyways i could program my baofeng radio to listen to and trancieve on hamsphere frequencies. Using hamsphere you will get the look and feel of a real ham radio. Flexible file downloader for both torrent files and urls from media sites. For beginners and everyone interested in amateur radio.

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